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To All Proposers:

You are invited to two  Zoom meetings for ITN 20-21-503, Purchase or Lease and Development of 8111 South Dixie Highway (Re-Bid) – Internal Staff Review Committee & Citizen Review Committee.

A Citizen Review Committee has been scheduled for August 17, 2021 at 9:30 AM (Eastern Time) via a virtual Zoom meeting. Register in advance for this meeting

An Internal Staff Review Committee has been scheduled for August 24, 2021 at 1:30 PM (Eastern Time) via a virtual Zoom meeting. Register in advance for Internal Staff Review Committee meeting

The Proposers are invited to attend and observe as the meeting is subject to Florida Sunshine Law.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  Please make sure that you register both meetings as each one has its own Meeting ID & Pass Code.

Please contact me if you have questions. Just a quick view of the Evaluation Process listed on this ITN as below:

Evaluation Process

The following is the evaluation and negotiation process following receipt of proposals. This process may be revised as necessary:

Review CommitteesTwo (2) review committees shall be established to review and evaluate the proposals. Each review committee will review the proposals received and will rank the proposals utilizing the Evaluation Criteria, and may provide comments regarding proposals.

Internal Review Committee. Internal committee comprised of City staff from Housing and Community Development, Development Services, Community Redevelopment Agency, or other City Department as selected by City Administration.  The City may elect a representative from the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council or other available planning agency to serve as a technical advisor to City staff to provide an impartial analysis and review. 

 Citizens Review Committee- Citizens.   The Citizens Review Committee shall consist of 7 members:

§  One (1) resident from each of the five (5) Commission Districts selected by the respective City Commissioner (5 committee members)

§  One (1) South -end resident of the City selected by the Mayor

§  One (1) business owner in South-end of the City selected by the Mayor

 Short-List Proposals.  The rankings of the two (2) Review Committees will be presented to the City Commission. The City may also elect to provide the original rankings to the City Commission. The City Commission may choose to short list up to six (6) proposals. The City Commission may require additional information or presentations from some or all proposers prior to short-listing proposals.

General Public Feedback on Short Listed Proposals.  Short-listed proposals will be available online for review by all residents of the City of West Palm Beach.  Residents will have the ability to evaluate the short-listed proposals and provide feedback via an online survey or other method.

 Commission Presentations and Selection. The results of the general public feedback will be provided to the City Commission. The short listed proposers will present their proposed project to the City Commission. 

The City Commission may select one, two or three proposer(s) with whom the City will negotiate proposed sale/lease and development terms. The City Commission may require additional information and/or additional presentations prior to selections.

The City reserves the right to request presentations from proposers and conduct interviews with any, all or none of the proposers. It shall be the City’s sole decision on whether any presentations are made or interviews are held and with which proposer interviews are conducted or presentations made. The City may select a proposer that was not interviewed or did not make a presentation.

Negotiations.  City staff will negotiate with one or more proposers as selected by the City Commission for negotiation.  The City reserves the right to concurrently negotiate with one or more proposers. The City may request terms other than those proposed by proposer, provided they meet the requirements of this ITN.  Negotiations may include requests to modify any part of the proposal including design or building elements, purchase or lease terms, project schedule, or any other aspect of the proposal to better meet the City’s ‘s goals as defined in this ITN. The development agreement may require performance guarantees and penalties.

Should the City be unable to negotiate satisfactory terms with any proposers, the City reserves the right to cancel and re-issue an Invitation to Negotiate or withdraw the ITN from consideration.

Important Reminder – “Cone of Silence” is in effect – Contact by a Proposer (or anyone representing a Proposer) regarding this ITN with Mayor, any City Commissioner, City Employee or any member of the Citizen’s Review Committee, other than an employee of the West Palm Beach Procurement  Division, is grounds for disqualification