Gail Levine

Member of the board

In the words of Gail Levine…”In my previous life, our family lived up North and was part of the Real Estate World. Owned and managed over 100 properties in Manhattan where property management was my specialty. Settled in West Palm in the ‘80s, and have resided on Murray Rd for the past 23 years. Majorly involved with Aids research and awareness going back to 1981 when we spent six months of the year (for a 20-year span, on Fire Island Pines). I have been intimately involved in the South End issues and the City of West Palm Beach issues over the last 20 years and am proud to say I had created and continue to facilitate a 15th Circuit Court Ordered Health Educational program for arrested prostitutes and Johns, (Prostitution Impact Prevention Education, no cost to taxpayers). 4,200 people have completed the program with recidivism less than 1% (which, I am very proud of). I have personally been involved in a number of underbelly issues in our City as well as the County and am very content knowing I have helped lift some “very heavy hearts” through the years. Lastly, I enjoy being part of the fabric of the SENA community where I have been committed to bringing “change” to numerous sensitive and impacting issues over the years. There is nothing more rewarding than helping those “in need.” I consider myself an advocate who loves “paying it forward.”