Richard Pinsky


Richard has lived in South Florida since 1971, moving to West Palm Beach in 1996, residing in the southend neighborhoods from Flamingo Park and Vedado, to where he and his wife Jessica currently live in the South End neighborhood, along with their daughter, Ella. During the 24 years, Richard has lived in West Palm Beach, he has continually been involved in city-wide and South End community initiatives. Richard currently serves as President of the Palm Beach County Blueway Trail, Inc., and is a member of the Water Resource Advisory Committee of the South Florida Water Management District. For the last four years, Richard has also been actively involved in the northwest neighborhoods of West Palm Beach helping to establish and grow the R.I.S.E. initiative, which is a designated Purpose Built Communities neighborhood, one of only two in the state of Florida and one of only 18 in the country. Professionally, Richard serves as the head of Governmental Affairs for the state of Florida for the Akerman law firm, the state’s largest statewide law firm. For over 37 years, he has represented clients before state and local government covering a wide range of complex policy issues from solar and renewable energy, transportation, and port infrastructure, to local government approvals, water projects, and new technology advancements. When Richard is not surfing, doing yoga, or riding his bicycle, he is doing non-stop gardening and yard work! Contact Richard: 561-671-3692 or