Sarah Yansura Cooke

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Sarah Yansura Cooke was taught the importance of community service since an early age. Growing up in Flamingo Park, Sarah is among the rare group of young families who have known West Palm Beach since it was a somewhat sleepy town and spent her youth exploring its surrounding neighborhoods on bike rides and weekly Friday night visits to Blockbuster. 

After living in New York City for nearly 10 years (where she started her career in public relations), Sarah moved back home seven years ago to start a family and lived in the El Cid Historical Neighborhood where she served on the board for two years. She moved to the South End Neighborhood two years ago and thoroughly enjoys the quieter end of Flagler Drive. 

Sarah enjoys being involved in the local community and serves on several Young Friends committees including Peggy Adams, National Alliance for Eating Disorders, Center for Family Services, Historical Society of Palm Beach County, Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, among others.

When not tending to her PR clients or attending community events, you can find Sarah walking on Flagler or bike riding with her daughter Cora and their dog Remy in the front basket.